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Five Things About … Little Creatures The Hotchkiss Six


Hotchkiss Six 330mL wet (1)1) It’s taken me a while but I reckon I’ve finally come around to Little Creatures replacing The Single Batch with a seasonal release four times a year (yeah, I know they’ve claimed The Single Batch isn’t dead but I’ll believe that when I see one). The Single Batch came in a single pint bottle, whereas the seasonal comes in a six-pack like most other beers.

2) That’s a good thing because, if you like it you can buy a six pack of it, rather than a few pints. Hell, if you love it you can buy a whole case – and I don’t reckon too many people have ever bought a case of pint bottles. And, I don’t know this for a fact but, I assume they brew more of the seasonal beers than they did with Single Batches, as they have to hang around for a whole season.

3) The winter release is a domestic stout called The Hotchkiss Six, which is a spin-off of sorts from an early Single Batch The Dreadnought (which I had very early on in my beer journey and I hated. Because I had no concept of dark beers). See, The Dreadnought was a type of battleship in the early 20th century and they had six-calibre guns called the Hotchkiss. Cool, huh?

4) It’s tagged a “domestic stout”, which is in comparison to an “export stout”. Both are tags which don’t actually mean what you think. At least not any more. In this context, “export” means “higher than normal alcohol” while “domestic” means “not as high as that export beer”. The story goes that export stouts got their name because they needed to be higher in alcohol to survive the journey overseas. Given they used to say the same thing about IPAs and that turned out to be complete bullshit, I have some reservations, but will stick with this explanation until someone tells me I’m wrong (which, because we’re on the internet, will likely take about 12 seconds).

5) The Hotchkiss Six is a deep black colour with some roasty notes upfront and enough bitterness to carry through to the back end. It really is a nicely balanced beer. And The Dreadnought was probably the same but I was too stupid to understand black beers at the time.

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  1. Nice one. We found the domestic vs export stout thing a bit confusing too. Hotchkiss = Domestic Stout while last year’s Dreadnought = Export Stout.

    Spot on about the case of Pints!

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