Beer of the Week

Five Things About … Guinness Signature 1798 double extra stout


1) When it comes to beer I’m not normally one to splash the money around. Sure, Clout Stout is undeniably a great beer but I was stoked when Nail sent me one to review because I just could trick myself into spending that much to buy a bottle. It was the same story with Crown Ambassador, which is not as good as Clout Stout but is even more expensive

2) I have no real explanation why I threw $50 at Dan Murphy’s to get a bottle of Guinness Signature 1798 double extra stout. I don’t even drink normal Guinness for Christ’s sake, and there I was pulling out fifty to buy a bottle of beer from them. If I recall correctly I was even a bit excited about it.

3) Now you can imagine my disappointment when, about two weeks afterwards, a PR company sent me a bottle. For free. Damn it (not an April Fool’s joke – I really did get sent a second bottle)

4) The whole idea of price vs value when it comes to beer is entirely subjective. Is a $50 beer worth the price tag? Well, if you like it, yes. If you didn’t no. For me, I reckon $50 is a bit steep. It’s a good beer but I didn’t see it as $50 good. Know what I mean?

5) For a 9 per cent beer the 1798 is very smooth. The high price? Well, I reckon it’s because they used oak chips from the original vats from their vat room built in 1798 (hence the name). The flavour like bullets – the choc-coated licorice lollies and not the things you shoot people with. It would be a decent beer to try in winter but there are much cheaper beers that would taste just as good.

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