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“Police alleged that on September 27, Brown attempted to stop McDowell playing his bagpipes in the bar of the Oriental Hotel, Queenstown, by grabbing the pipes away from him. Brown fell and the chanter of pipes was broken.
“McDowell said he went into the bar and some men asked him to play. Brown told him he could not play. Brown pulled the pipes off his shoulder.
“Replying to Brown, McDowell said he had never been refused entry to any hotel because he played the bagpipes, but some barmen might have asked him to stop after a while.
“Recording a conviction against Brown, the P.M. told McDowell he must not force bagpipes music on people who might not like it.”

‘Disliked Bagpipes with his Beer’
The Hobart Mercury
December 4, 1947

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  1. A gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes, but doesn’t.

    The difference between bagpipes and onions? Nobody cries when you cut up bagpipes!

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