The Shirt I Get to Wear Today

I had to iron this shirt yesterday so I could wear it to today’s Illawarra Brewers Union event. That’s the homebrew club I’m part of, which has a great low-key approach. No regular meetings, no membership fees – just occasional get-togethers where we get to drink beer and eat smoked meat.

Who could ask for more, really?

This T-shirt I’m wearing today has special significance. It was a shirt I hadn’t worn because I was using it as motivation to get under 100kg. Well, I did that. Last week in fact. On my Friday weigh-in last week (they happen each Friday so I can compare them week to week) I was 99.9 but, because I’d spent the previous day walking up and down stairs at the Port Kembla steelworks for four hours I figured that was responsible for dropping below the 100 mark.

But yesterday I stepped on the scales and they read 99.5. Which was very good news indeed. The plan is to continue the exercise and healthy eating to see how far I can go.

Just now I might need to buy another T-Shirt that doesn’t fit.




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