The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – December 18, 2015

Number 1: The Instagram post from Ross Kenrick at Bacchus Brewing

Green Bean Brown has perfect lacing. Looks like the #akashabrewing logo…

A photo posted by Ross Kenrick (@bacchus_brewing) on

I’m not one to get excited about lacing, but there’s something undeniably impressive about this.

Number 2: Vice – Everyone Wants to Get Drunk Off This Avocado Beer
Rule No 1 for brewers wanting to get widespread media coverage: make a beer with a “weird” ingredient. Seems people never tire of this gimmick

Number 3: NT News -Darwinites drink least amount of craft beer of all Australian capital cities
File under “not all that surprising really”.

Number 4: Fortune – Craft Beer Companies Are Running Short on This Key ‘Ingredient’
First there’s a hop shortage, now there’s a can shortage. Jeez, craft beer, get your act together.

Number 5: Beer Is Your Friend – Damn, there goes my joke!
Which serves as a perfect example of why you shouldn’t decide what you’ll write about a beer before you drink it.

Number 6: And this is what you get if you search YouTube for …. “Mexican Superman”

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