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Damn, there goes my joke!


You’d have thought businesses would have learned by now that you don’t give your product a name that people can easily turn into something disparaging.

But Damm Brewing from Spain evidently haven’t worked that out yet. As exhibit A, I give you their product ‘‘Damm Lemon’’. Cue smartarse bloggers like me buying the beer so they can make smartarse remarks like ‘‘I can’t believe they put damn lemon in this beer!’’

Ahh, yes. Nothing but top-shelf comedy in this here blog.

But I can’t actually make that joke because this beer surprised me by being good. Damn. Or, perhaps, Damm.

The brewery actually puts the lemon in before bottling, which means it’s a level above Corona (it also means I can’t use my standard Corona criticism – ‘‘if you need to add something to your beer for flavour, maybe you should try a different beer’’).

It also doesn’t taste like Corona – in other words, like alcoholic water with a slice of lemon. The beer actually tastes like beer. And the lemon, well, it actually tastes like real lemons and not some shonky lemon concentrate, syrup thing. The beer is ‘‘subtitled’’ (if you can call it that) ‘‘6-4’’ – which means six parts beer four parts lemon.

The copy and images on the bottle imply that they use real lemons. I can’t find any definite confirmation of that – but the flavour would indicate they do.
At 3.2 per cent, you could call it a shandy. I’d also have to call it the best damn shandy I’ve ever had.

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