Clearing out the Fridge

Clearing out the Fridge – Day Seven



This beer is super-easy to date – it’s been in the fridge since 2013. I know that because this is the 2013 vintage of the beer Stone & Wood make each year, and they sent me a few bottles to review (that was back when they used to send me stuff. Doesn’t happen any more – musta done something wrong).

As for the reason this label has a handwritten letter D in between “Stone” and “Beer”, well that’s because this bottle made an earlier appearance in this blog. It featured in a post for the short-lived Friday Photo series, where I made dumb jokes on labels or featured bottles talking via speech balloons. The series was never missed by anyone and, not that you care, but this one was perhaps my favourite.

This is the second vintage of Stone Beer I’ve knocked over this year. The first was the 2012 done as part of the Drink It You Idiot series and it was so bloody tasty.

This was the 2013 version and, well, it wasn’t as good. There was some rich chocolate notes but it didn’t have the balance of sweetness and coffee notes of the 2012 version. Now that means I’ve only got two more vintages left to drink.

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