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Why is everyone interested in XXXX pale ale?


If hits on this site are anything to go by, there is a staggering level of interest in XXXX Gold Australian Pale Ale.

I posted this piece about the beer shortly after it was released, saying while I was pleased to see Lion trying something different with the XXXX brand, it was still pretty blah.

Since then the hits on that post have been truly inflating the overall visits to this site. It’s been the single most-read blog post this year with more than 7000 hits – and it’s only been up since July 26.

To give you a point of comparison, the blog’s most popular post of 2014 was this one on Crown Golden Ale, which brought in 2,236 hits in six months.

But the XXXX post has brought in more than double that in half the time.
While it is true that, if you write about mainstream beers you’ll get more hits because you increase the pool of people who might type the name into Google. But this XXXX post is outstripping even the other posts here on mainstream beers.

What this means in terms of the sales of this beer, I don’t know, but there must be a fair few people out there Googling XXXX Australian Pale Ale.

So much so that this blog is now the first non-retail site Google offers up. It even outranks Brews News (sorry, about that Matt).

PS, this wasn’t an ego stroking post for myself. It’s just that the traffic for that XXXX article has been boggling my mind for the last two months. I keep thinking it’s going to die down, but it just keeps powering along.

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