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The Pure Blonde ad I hate

This is an ad that makes me so mad every time it appears on my TV. Why? Well, it’s not because it’s advertising low-carb beer – if people want to get sucked into that myth, that’s their business.

What pisses me off royally about the ad is the way it misleads people.

Check out the voice over at the end ‘‘Now 50 per cent less calories than wine’’. But read the words on the screen ‘‘Now 50 per cent less calories than wine per mL’’.

Those last two words are crucial – because Pure Blonde only has half the calories of wine when you’re comparing the same volume of both beverages. It’s the way the ad glosses over the reality of serving sizes that shits me to tears.

That bottle of Pure Blonde in the ad is 355ml. The ‘‘half the calories’’ comparison is only valid if the other woman is drinking a 355ml glass of wine. Who drinks a 355ml glass of wine? ‘No one’ is the answer.

Most of the time you drink a serve of wine that’s about the size depicted in this ad, which looks to be 150ml at the most. Basic maths will tell you means it actually has FEWER F..KING CALORIES than the beer because it’s less than half the size.

If you’re going to make calorie claims about your product, then compare like against like. Some brewing organisation do the same thing, claiming milk or orange juice have more calories per 100ml than beer. Which is true, but also complete bullshit. How often do you drink a schooner of milk? How about four of them?

You don’t, so the comparison is totally disingenuous. It, like the Pure Blonde ad, is trying to mislead people. And that shits me.

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