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Five Things About … Little Creatures Dog Days



1) I think I may have a thing for pint bottles. Not just any pint bottles but those that Little Creatures Single Batch came in. I actually miss their heft and the way they felt in my hand. They felt better than the skinny 640ml craft beer bottles you can get and they possessed more balance than a long neck. And they’re great to use for homebrew as well. Yes, I realise I am probably thinking too much about a damn bottle. But some people get worked up about drinking out of the right glass. Me it’s pint bottles.

2) It’s something I only realised after Little Creatures replaced the Single Batch with a seasonal release in 330ml bottles. At least I assume the Single Batch has been replaced; I read something about them continuing those but I’m yet to see any fresh pint bottles in my bottle shop.

3) The replacement is still a good deal – a six-pack verses a pint bottle. I like pint bottles – but a six pack carries more beer so it has to win at least on the greediness stakes.

4) The first seasonal came out a few months ago. That was Return of the Dread and it was pretty good. But the newie Dog Days is heaps better. Notes of peach and some very sauvignon blanc-like cut grass flavours help contribute to a super-refreshing beer that has to sell gangbusters this summer.

5) Now it would be remiss of me to finish up a piece about Little Creatures Single Batch beers without a desperate plea for the return of The Big Dipper. That was a delicious IPA and I still think about it to this day. It would be wonderful if it came back. I’d definitely buy a case or two of that.

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