The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – September 4, 2015

Number 1: This Instagram post from … well … me

Each year I get a few wooden promo boxes that, while they look very nice, are of limited use to me once the beer is removed. But the lid from a Crown Golden Ale promo kit really saved us this week. See, we’re babysitting a friend’s rabbits and we’re using an old hutch we had at home. After just four days the panels at the back rotted free. With the help of that Golden Ale lid and some nails, I was able to fix the thing. So cheers to you, CUB.


Number 2: The Salt – Guzzling 9,000 Years Of History With ‘The Comic Book Story Of Beer’
What? You don’t need a comic book history of beer? Don’t be an idiot – of course you do.

Number 3: Girl + Beer – A Few Words on Beer Lists
I’ve got a few words on beer lists – stop making them so crappy. But Pia says it much nicer here.

Number 4: Spin Chill
This weird device looks like a cross between a hair dryer and a drill. And the way it works looks even weirder.

Number 5: Beer Is Your Friend – F is for Foster’s
This was the letter F in my stupid idea to go through the Oxford Companion to Beer and write a post for every letter of the alphabet.

Number 6: And now for something completely different

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