Drink It You Idiot

Drink It You Idiot – Day Seven

I’ve saved the best til last. This is the beer that prompted this whole week.

About two years ago I found a bottle shop in Unanderra that inexplicably had a largish stock of Unibroue beers. Why inexplicably? Well, if you think of craft beer suburbs in Wollongong, Unanderra isn’t exactly top of the list. It’s not even in the first 15.

But there they were – bottles of Terrible, Maudite and La Fin Du Monde. I bought them all. And kept my find a secret for ages.

Then I was stupid and blabbed about it to a few geeks and suddenly the bottle shop’s stocks began to take a serious nose dive. Having loved La Fin Du Monde the first time I had it, I picked up a bottle or two before they all disappeared. For what I believed would be forever.

This bottle here was the last one I had. For a year I put off drinking it because there would be no more after this. Then I thought ‘‘what are you waiting for, you dick? It’s beer, you’re supposed to drink it’’.

So I did. And it was good. Slightly different than I remember – there seemed to be more toffee characters and slightly less orange notes than I remembered. But it was still good. And the most surprising thing is that I don’t feel any remorse over drinking the last bottle.

Just happiness.

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  1. I have enjoyed the ‘drink it you idiot’ series. My only attempts in ‘cellaring’ (aka leaving in the back of the cupboard) was a dozen Coopers Vintage circa 2002, which was amazing before and after cellaring, and a bottle of Kwak, which went horribly wrong and somehow developed floaties – mold perhaps? I can only encourage your cellaring with the aim of reading a similar series in twelve months time.

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