Beer of the Week

Five Things About … Little Creatures IPA


1) Okay, so I’ll just come right out and say it. I reckon this is the most important IPA in Australia. I’m not saying it’s the best, because the fact Hop Hog scores higher in the Hottest 100 craft beer poll would indicate others think there are better IPAs. But, while this Little Creatures IPA is mighty tasty, we’re talking about importance here. And in the Australian beer scene this is an important IPA.

2) Note up there that I said “in the Australian beer scene” and not the “craft beer scene”. Because this IPA’s importance relates to the whole of our beer landscape and not just the beer geek bubble where we can find ways to source about 769 IPAs if we wanted (yes, I counted them all*). In terms of distribution, Little Creatures has the mainstream might of Lion behind it, so this beer can oh-so-easily end up in any bottle shop in the country. Which is why it is so important.

3) While craft beer is becoming easier to find – hell, I can get Bridge Road at a BWS these days – it’s still not as prevalent as we might think. Most of the fridges in many BWS, Liquorland and other stores of this ilk are taken up with mainstream beers. But you’ll pretty much always find Little Creatures beers in those fridges too. So it’s there to try for any mainstream drinker who wants to take that next step.

4) And this is why it’s so important. It’s possible that the Little Creatures IPA could be the first step into craft or the first step into IPA many drinkers make. So, as someone who is happy to see more and more people drink good beer, the fact that this very tasty IPA is so readily available is hugely important.

5) As well as being important it’s also bloody tasty. I can other IPAs from here and overseas quite easily but I keep coming back to the Little Creatures IPA.

* This is a lie. I did no such thing.

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