The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – July 3, 2015

Number 1: This tweet from The Wobbly Thong

If there are, they surely have to be kicked out of the country. Failing to make an IPA is un-American.

Number 2: Girl + Beer – Beer Story: Bootleg Raging Bull
Where Pia tells the story behind one of her favourite beers.

Number 3: Business Insider – 7 times alcohol decided the course of battle
The third one is particularly interesting. And a little bit funny.

Number 4: All About Beer – Small-scale brewers hold big stake in beer industry
A great piece from Bryan Roth of blog This Is Why I’m Drunk (which is far more serious than the name would suggest) detailing the importance of nanobreweries in the United States. I hear trying to set up something really small in Australia has far too many prohibitory regulations.

Number 5: Beer Is Your Friend – John Boston and beer marketing
Google “John Boston beer” and the first hit returned is Dan Murphy’s. This post of mine is the second. I’m a little chuffed about that.

Number 6: How they used to sell beer

Huh? I don’t get it at all.

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