The Six-Pack

The Six-Pack – June 12, 2015

Just for something different, this week’s Six Pack focuses on some of the unusual beer-related crowdfunding efforts out there.
Number 1: This tweet from Bryn Price

Good to know the Untappd check-ins agreed with me about the awesomeness of Golden Stout Time

Number 2: Kickstarter – Bugroff
This product apparently will stop the flies from getting into your beer. Has that ever been a problem?

Number 3: Pozible – Bring the World’s Best Beer to Aus
This was the crowdfunding effort launched by the Beer Bud team, which seemed to be about them trying to get money from the public so they could go buy beer overseas. As opposed to buying it themselves and making their money back after selling it. Not surprisingly, the project tanked, with just $4600 of the required $25,000 raised.

Number 4: Indiegogo – Secks Beer
Yep, that’s the name of their beer. So they can have awesome taglines like “Don’t just drink beer, have Seks!”. Yes, I was being sarcastic with the use of the word “awesome”. Their explanatory video is as expected.

Number 5: Kickstarter – Beer Decoded
Seems this guy wants to find the DNA of 1000 different beers. Why? Well, there are apparently too many beers and this will make it easier for people to find beers they like. Because going “hey, I like think IPA, maybe I might like some other IPAs” is just totally not going to work.

Number 6: How they used to sell beer

… with the help of kids’ comic strip character Hagar the Horrible.

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