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Five things about …. Bacchus Brewing’s Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road

1) It was made for GABS in 2014 and is an imperialised version of a beer called Yummy Mummy Rocky Road. And I’m glad brewer Ross Kenrick changed the name because ‘‘Yummy Mummy’’ did make me cringe a bit. I reckon I’d have to go to the bar and say ‘‘Can I have that rocky road beer?’’ because saying ‘‘Yummy Mummy’’ would just creep me out.

Hell, I used it three times in that last paragraph and I’m feeling creeped out now.

2) It does exactly what it says on the label. And I mean EXACTLY. Sometimes with beers that aim to resemble food you need to really concentrate to pick out the flavours. Other times, the comparison just doesn’t work at all – the beer simply doesn’t resemble the food at all.
But this beer tastes like rocky road – I get the chocolate, peanut, cherries, marshmallow, Turkish delight. All of it. Even if you were tasting it blindfolded you’d still be able to pick in an instant that it’s a rocky road beer.

3) Just think of the balance required to make this beer. You’ve got all those different ingredients which all have to turn up somewhere on the drinker’s palate. So there can’t be one flavour that dominates the others, or another flavour that’s under-represented, because that’s not how it works with real rocky road. All the flavours need to be there. And, in this beer, they are.

4) Ross Kenrick is really the Willy Wonka of Australian brewing. Now I’m sure someone else has said that before me but it’s a comparison that’s hard to avoid. As well as this beer, he’s made a white chocolate and raspberry pilsner, a stout that tastes like an after dinner mint and others that tastes like Ferrero Rocher, Snickers or apple pie. There’s even a beer modelled after those Weis dessert bars. I’ve heard he’s quite secretive about how he gets those flavours so right. If that’s true, I don’t blame him – why give the competition a leg-up.

5) Kenrick pretty much kicked off the sweet beer trend at GABS. Two years ago he won the people’s choice award for the white chocolate and raspberry pilsner. Last year Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road finished second to another sweet beer – La Sirene’s Praline.

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  1. Yummy Mummy Rocky Road was originally named after a local beer rep up here in Brisbane called Rocky Reed who is (dare I say it) a rather good looking wife and mother as well as a beer rep. I think it may have even been brewed originally for a birthday shindig of hers.
    Obviously, the words ‘yummy’ and ‘mummy’ needed removing when the beer went national for GABS in 2014.

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