Beer of the Week

Five things about … Victory’s Prima Pils


This used to be called Beer of the Week, but I got bored with the format and changed it slightly. It’s still the beer that left an impression on me in the last week but it’s not called Beer of the Week any more. Clear as mud? Good.

Oh yeah, I thought briefly about making it “five things you need to know about…” like those clickbait things Buzzfeed puts out. But I think suggesting that you don’t already know those five things is a bit presumptuous. As is acting like the God of all wisdom, handing down info I’ve deemed you slugs had to know.

So it’s just five things. Still clear as mud? Good.

1) I can’t find the ABV anywhere on the bottle. The label warns me about the fact alcohol causes birth defects in pregnant women. And that it “impairs the ability to drive a car or operate machinery”. But it seems listing the actual amount of alcohol is just stupid. Weird. Is it not a law or something in the US to list the alcohol count?

2) I found this beer at a local bottle shop, but my local Dan Murphy’s is stocking Victory’s Hop Devil. Jeez, who’d have thunk it? Uncle Dan’s stocking a beer from the US that only hardcore geeks would have known about before. Ahhh, times are changing.

3) Back in the early days of newspaper beer reviewing, the former Victory distributor in Australia sent me some samples.That box included a bottle of Prima Pils – and it made such an impression on me that it was the only beer from the box that I still remember.

4) It’s a pilsner, which is normally a style I dislike because it’s a little dull for my taste buds. But this US pilsner comes with enough hop character – fruity notes like apricot (though the number of times I taste apricot in beers is staggering) – to make it interesting.

5) The label says it’s “a refined pilsner beer for natural enjoyment”. What the hell is “natural enjoyment”? I didn’t know there was any other sort of enjoyment.

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