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Beer of the Week – Uberbrau

wpid-img_20141218_185225.jpgThe beer: Uberbrau (There should be umlauts over the first U and the A but I don’t know how to do those). It’s a lager.

Where did it come from?: I got it from a First Choice Liquor outlet, but it originally comes from Germany. Via Australian Beer Connoisseurs, which equals Liquorland, which equals Coles.

What’s it like?:
To be honest, better than most other mainstream lagers. There’s a malt aroma with a smidge of wet cardboard and the flavour is of sweet malt (almost honey-like) with a bit of bitterness at the tail-end.

Why do you like it?:
Well, I wouldn’t say I like it, because I’m not going to buy it again. But if I was somewhere and it was either this or VB or XXXX I’d probably pick the Uberbrau

Okay, now you can tell the story you think is funny/interesting?:
I picked this up figuring I could have some fun tearing into the beer on this blog. Partially because it has a name that sounds like it should be in some tacky low-rent movie comedy about a brewery (‘‘Uberbrau. For when you have a big thirst’’) where they put some woman in a German beer wench outfit for no good reason.
And yet it surprised me. Not in a ‘‘jeez, I’m going to buy so many cases of this that I’ll be able to use them as bricks in a cardboard house’’ way. More in a ‘‘smart-arse blogger let his preconceptions get the better of him’’ way.

Anything else?: Yep, Uberbrau is ridiculously cheap. This bottle cost me $2 and you can get a six-pack for $10. A case will set you back just $30. So if you view beer as nothing more than an alcohol delivery device, these prices are astonishing. Why don’t they make good tasty beer and sell it that cheap? Probably because the geeks wouldn’t buy it. (‘‘It’s $2 and comes from a supermarket. It must be crap’’.)

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  1. For 30 a case, the lingering after glow of this watery brew is worth the experience
    From Hollandia to Red Stripe, all these brews are good for a one time kick
    Cheers 🍻

    • 01.05.2016 it’s still $30au a case in Perth Western Australia. Typical Lager

  2. Just bought a case of this crap for $30 !!!! Can’t tell the difference between this crap and a glass of water. Actually the water might have a little more taste. Putrid vile crap this is !!

    • I absolutely agree. It’s all I buy now as it’s a tasty easy drinking lager that does not give me a headache or give me a hangover after a big session. I would still buy this beer if it was $50 a carton. I’m so over all of these try hard heavy craft beers that give you a throbbing headache after a few beers. I’ve gone back to drinking lagers!

  3. It can be spelt Ueberbraeu to get over the umlaut problem.
    tried it. not too bad. but when you equate the $30 case in 330mL bottles to a case of normal 375mL bottles it’s not that cheap.

  4. The 375 ml equivalent is also more likely to be more than the 4% of Uberbrau so as a cheap “alcohol delivery method” its lost around 20% of its value due to its low alc content.

  5. For the sake of interest I tried to find information on that beer in German web. No single reference appeared in responce. It looks very suspicious. I can imagine that it is brewed not by what is called in Cole’s advertisement ‘one of German’s oldest and most awarded breweries, but somewhere in China. What makes it even more suspicious is that there is nothing about that beer on

  6. For the sake of further interest, I retried Al’s effort only to find the same result. The taste is crap.. to be honest. But dont be mistaken here, you’ll get what you paid. The price is ridiculously cheap and I must admit I will buy this crap again if I’m tight on budget. Cheers mate

  7. Give me this any day over that crappy Peroni everyone is drinking. The marketers are wetting their pants over that one. I have a friend recently visit from Switzerland and he was amused that all the try hard hipsters drinking Peroni. He said “we wouldn’t even feed that shit to the pigs in Europe”

  8. Fucken great beer if you wanna save some $$$. It all Fucken goes the wall same way with any beer you drink. Good beer cheers

  9. This beer is a disappointment. Pretty much the lowest quality European beer I’ve ever tasted in my life. This and Oettinger. Not many people in Europe would drink this other than alcoholics if it is very cheap. I’m European, and I find all mainstream Aussie beer crap, except Coopers. For the same money you’re better off buying Hollandia or Arc Valley from Holland. Or the Cleanskin from Liquorland (brewed in South Korea). Even Hammer & Thongs (brewed in South Korea) tastes better than Überbräu IMO. It’s a shame we have such a hard time getting a proper beer, brewed with SPRING WATER ( NOT FLUORIDATED tap water!!!) for a fair price in Australia.

  10. Loved the review. Bought two 6-packs for $10 at Liquorland, so it seems it’s ‘holding strong’ against inflation, since this was written. I’m not too fussed about beer, so is this the cheapest ‘alcohol delivery substance’ in lager form in Australia right now?

  11. I have traveled for 2 years all over Europe and especially in Germany
    I reckon Uberbau is one of the best beers. It is brewed to very exact German purity laws.

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