Beer of the Week

Beer of the Week – Posse Summer Ale


wpid-img_20141210_220245.jpgThere’s nothing a beer geek likes more than scoring a hard-to-find beer.

Well, nothing except for breathing. I expect even beer geeks would like breathing more. And eating too, that’s probably something they like more.

And, if we’re being honest you can add: having a place to live, having a job, access to fresh drinking water, sex, sleep and maybe chocolate.

Despite all this, I think I’m safe in saying rare or limited beers are something beer geeks love. Sure I could have just started with that sentence and just erased everything else, but I’d already typed it all out. And it’s not as though anyone really reads this stuff anyway, is it?

Right, hard-to-get beer. I’m willing to bet that was part of the thinking behind the summer and winter beers that come with the Bridge Road Brewers Posse Pack. FYI the Posse is a beer club you sign up to and every three months they send you out a case of their beer. It’s a sweet deal.

A deal made even better by the fact that the winter and summer packs contain a beer brewed just for Posse members (though I have heard a keg or two goes on tap from time to time, which does diminish the exclusivity just a tad).

If you’re not a member those bottles are very hard to get. I can remember trying to get my hands on some for review purposes in the newspaper beer column – no dice. So I bit the bullet and joined up.
It was a good decision, partially because I love Bridge Road’s beers anyway. But also because it meant I get half a case of their new Posse Summer Ale, which is just lovely.

It’s a Grisette – a style I knew next to nothing about. In fact, if you’d asked me what a Grisette was, I’d have said it sounds like the name of a toasted cheese sandwich (I don’t know why, it just does).
But no, according to the very handy blurb that comes with the Posse Pack, it’s a beer style from southern Belgium that isn’t around much any more. To get an idea think a lower-alcohol saison – apparently it was brewed for farmhands so they had something to drink without getting too pissed.

The Bridge Road version throws off aromas of spice and citrus (from the sweet orange peel). The flavour is saison-like – that Belgian yeast funkiness, with some spice and pepper notes, but with a lovely lingering bitterness at the back.

It’s hard to think of a beer that’s more perfectly suited to summer. Usually I tend end up with a few of the Posse beers left over – I think I’ve still got some from last summer’s pack.

That’s not going to happen with the Grisette. I reckon my stash will be gone long before summer ends.

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