Beer of the Week

Beer of the Week – Angry Peaches


Yesterday, my little – and only – sister got married, which was a pretty emotional day. For me, I mean.

There’s about 16 years separating us and me being the eldest son, meant I was the one generally in charge of looking after her if mum wasn’t around. And, yes, that included changing her nappies.

I moved away from home when she was about five or six but would come home most weekends to do some work around the house for mum and dad. While I was there, my sister would always come out to see me and have a chat. I really enjoyed that, even though chats with a five-year-old revolve around which new toy she got and which boy in kindergarten she is going to marry (Note: none of them ended up being the guy she actually married).

So seeing this woman – whose tears I wiped away who knows how many times when she was a little girl – get married was a big deal. On Saturday, it was my tears that needed wiping.

But it was still a very happy day.

It was also the day I finally got to try Garage Project’s Angry Peaches. I’d been wanting to try it for ages, ever since I’d heard Phil Cook bang on about it on his Beer Diary podcast. That’s not meant to be a slight at all – if I’d come up with the name of a beer, I’d be banging on about it too. Probably a lot more than Phil.

My brother, who lives in Sydney, was heading to Beer Cartel on Friday and he asked me if I wanted anything. I said ‘‘Angry Peaches’’. So he brought it and we sat together before the wedding ceremony and had a beer (he went for Pernicious Weed, by the way).

I don’t have any tasting notes – it’s a wedding day, as if I’m going to be worried about writing down what the aroma reminded me of.

All I know is I liked it.

And that it’s a beer that will forever be linked in my mind with a very special day.

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