The Session #93 – Beer Travel

On the first Friday of every month a small group of beer bloggers take part in a thing called The Sessions. Which is also known as Beer Blogging Friday.session-logo-sm

Each month, one blogger puts their hand up to be the host. They then get to pick the topic for that month’s Session and all the other participating bloggers write something on that topic.

Yes, I’m aware this is not Friday. That would be because I forgot all about it until yesterday. Okay? I really need to write these things on a calendar.

Anyway, this blog post is in belated response to the topic set by Brian Devine over at The Roaming Pint (wonder if that’s any relation to our Crafty Pint). His topic is Beer Travel.

‘‘I ask you fellow bloggers and beer lovers, why is it important for us to visit the place the where our beers are made? Why does drinking from source always seem like a better and more valuable experience? Is it simply a matter of getting the beer at it’s freshest or is it more akin to pilgrimage to pay respect and understand the circumstances of the beer better?’’

I’m a big fan of beer travel. If the family is going somewhere on holidays, I’ll opt for it being to somewhere that has a few breweries or cool bars or a kickass bottle shop. Usually my wife is pretty cool with indulging me, but if it doesn’t work out that way then you can bet I’ll do some research on our destination to find out if there is anything beer-related that we simply must visit.

I do the same thing with bookstores too, but this is a beer website so we’ll not delve any deeper into the book side of the story.

Why do I do it? Well, that’s easy to answer. I like beer. A lot. Some people like museums, so they visit museums on holidays. Some people like the beach, so they go to the beach. Others like dining out, so they dine out for most of their holidays.

It’s what a holiday is for – doing things you like. So why wouldn’t I be going to a brewery if I’m on holidays and there’s one nearby?


There’s also the chance to try some beers that are hard to get near my place. Like when I go to Brisbane early next year, I’m definitely heading to Newstead Brewery and Green Beacon – because it will likely be the only chance I get to try their beers.

So for me, it’s got nothing to do with paying respect or anything like that. And nothing to do with drinking from the source.
It’s just because I like beer – so I like to visit places where it’s made. And where it’s poured. and where it’s sold.

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  1. Thanks for participating Glen! I too don’t always need a reason to find a local beer spot other than simply wanting a beer.

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