The Thursday Quote

‘‘Extreme is relative to the status quo, or the majority of what people drink. Craft beer enthusiasts love to act like everyone in America drinks craft beer, so the beers that are extreme are sours or lambics or bourbon-aged beer. But in the context of market share, all flavourful, diverse craft beers are extreme.
“I think we need to recognise that and recognise how much more we have gained by being positive about all diverse beers and not saying ‘this is too extreme’ or ‘extreme beers need to be marginalised in favour of session beers. These are all extreme beers in that they are all extremely flavourful and extremely different than the light lager juggernaut.’’

Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione speaks wisdom about ‘‘extreme beers’’
The Brewtal Guide to Extreme Beers
Adem Tepedelen
Lyons Press (2013)

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