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A good elephant beer


Of all the Riverside beers I hereby declare the 77 IPA as my favourite. Which is actually a little strange because I’m not normally a great fan of beers with a big alcohol count. This one comes with 7.7 per cent alcohol – which is big in my books (yeah, you can go bigger but they tend to be the exceptions rather than the rule. Unless you’re a beer geek who lives in America).

The reason I have slight dislike of big beers is simply – I get drunk too fast. See, I drink beer because I like the taste. While I do like the tipsy feeling, I don’t like getting drunk because it means I have to stop. I’m also not a fan of being drunk because I don’t handle waking up the next morning very well. Or the morning after that – when you get old hangovers last for ages.

But I really like the 77 IPA, even if it has been partially responsible for getting me drunk on occasion. Such as the time I bought a pint of it and drank it on an empty stomach – all that alcohol had a fast track into my bloodstream.

What I like about it is that, aside from a bit of an alcohol burn at the back, there’s not a lot of evidence to support the idea that this is a 7.7 per cent beer. Instead of heavy alcohol flavour what you get is a nice piney aroma with an underpinning of fruity passionfruit. On the tongue that pineyness is there too – this is a bitter IPA rather than a fruity one. If you hunt around for a bit you’ll find some grapefruit as well, which just adds to the sensation of bitterness.

It’s a beer I definitely plan to drink a few more times in my life. Just not in a pint glass.


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  1. It’s nice to know I am not the only one who drinks beer for the taste. I hate getting drunk (and have not for a very very very long time!) for exactly the same reasons.

    • Hey Karl. I don’t mind getting that nice, relaxed, buzz going on. But I try and stop before it gets to the “can’t walk in a straight line” phase. Or the “can’t talk properly” phase.
      I like beer but I also like waking up the next day not feeling like crap.

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