It’s YouTubesday!

I don’t have much interest in video games these days – because I’m old and I think no-one over 30 should be playing them. But I do know some create controversy, with concerns about what younger video gamers are being exposed to.

But it wasn’t always that way. Back in the 1980s, there was the arcade game called Tapper. The object of the game was for the player to try and serve beers to as many thirsty customers as possible and collect their empties.

I spent a few years of the early 1980s in the USA and saw this game in quite a few arcades. I cannot remember any sort of outcry over teens playing a computer game that encourages drinking. Nor one that had a Budweiser logo so prominently placed on the screen.

My how times change. Anyway, you can check out the game action here and wonder “who was looking after the children?” in the 1980s.


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