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I wasn’t going to bother with writing a post detailing my whereabouts while in Melbourne for Good Beer Week.
But seeing as how everyone else is doing it I figured I should too. Yeah, I’m a mindless sheep. Baa.goodbeerweek

Thursday, May 22
I fly into Melbourne at around lunchtime. After checking into my hotel, opening the door to my room, chucking my bag in and closing it again, I’ll be off to Brother Burger and the Marvellous Brew. Why? Because they sell beer and burgers, you idiot. But also because they’re the Queensland Pint of Origin venue and if there’s one thing I don’t get to try much of it’s Queensland beers.

After a burger and a few beers, I’m off to the Great Northern to meet up with a friend and drink some American beer, for this venue is hosting US beers this week. Also, I went there last year and really like the slightly rundown, don’t give a damn what you think decor. It’s such a lovely, worn-out cosy pub.

Next up is the Catfish Bar in Fitzroy for All Tomorrow’s Breweries, a Yeastie Boys sampler of a huge amount of New Zealand breweries. And they also apparently serve Philly cheesesteaks there. I’ve read about those so many times but have no idea what they are, so I want to order one just to find out.

Friday, May 23
After visiting the Queen Victoria markets to buy gifts for my daughter (coming home without a present will just make her cry) and then to the Book Grocer (a frigging awesome bookstore), I’m going to have an early lunch.

We’re talking about 11am. Because I plan on standing out the front of the Exhibition Hall at Carlton before midday waiting for the first session of GABS.

When that first session finishes, I’m off to the Little Creatures Dining Hall because it has been turned into a hop garden. And then I’m going back for the second session of GABS.
Then I’m going to bed.

Saturday, May 24
It’s off to Richmond by 10am to appear on the top-rating podcast Ale of a Time. I feel quite a bit special to have been invited to appear. And also a bit nervous – hope I don’t screw it up and come across like a total tool.

When the recording is finished I’m heading to Two Row Bar. Any place that serves samples of four beers matched with grilled cheese sandwiches is a must-see destination in my book (note to self: they’re ‘‘grilled cheese sandwiches’’ not ‘‘jaffles’’).

Then it’s further up the road to the Terminus for the AIBA Closing Night Tasting and Good Beer Week Closing party.

Sunday, May 25
I’m flying back home this morning, so I’d better not be hungover.

During the week I’ll be sporting beer T-shirts – including two I had specially made to plug this here blog. I used to think that would be wanky, like a musician wearing his own band’s T-shirt, but hey, where else but Good Beer Week is the place to plug my blog?

You know what would be wanky? Tweeting a picture each morning of the shirt I’m wearing that day. Yep, I’ll be doing that too. Just so people can find me and say, ‘‘wow, you look like a lot less of a dick than I expected’’.

Okay, that’s about it for me now. Looking forward to getting amongst it all.


UPDATE: For those who care – the visit to the Little Creatures Dining Hall has been usurped by beer and parma at the Gertrude Hotel. The parma is a Melbourne tradition so I figured I should eat at least one.

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  1. Hey mate what time will you be at the Catfish? I’ll be there around 5-6pm. Would be cool to meet you in person. I’m the guy that started and just never found the means to see it through. Really appreciated your advice and love your blog. Would be cool to enjoy a beer in person!

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