Good Beer Week Guide – Tip #5

Tip #5: Don’t be so damn obsessed with Untappd – especially at GABS

With lots of different beers all over the place at Melbourne, there’s plenty of chances for a unique check-in or two. Or 20 – or more. Truly, you can rack up a stupid amount of uniques, especially at GABS where all the beers are new.20140414-090718.jpg


I know this because I went apeshit crazy with the check-ins last year. Literally every single new beer I had got checked in as part of the urge to get to that 1000th check-in. That was serious overkill at GABS, the event that causes Untappd to go into meltdown as everyone is checking in the five beers they have in their sample paddle.

For me it meant I’d take one sip of beer to give it a genuine appraisal and then go search for the beer in Untappd. While I’d search I’d drink a bit more of the beer, paying more attention to Untappd app on my phone than the beer in my hand.

And I did this for every single beer I tried at GABS. Which meant that, overall, my phone got more attention than the beer. That’s just not the right way to go about things at a beer festival. I mean, I’m there to enjoy the beer, not play on my phone.

So this year I’m ratcheting things back big-time. I’ll check in a few beers here and there, if only to let other people who follow me on Twitter and are at GABS know that I’m there too (that’s a big benefit of Untappd check-ins). Or maybe it’s because I really like that beer or it’s a white whale for me (hello Watermelon Warhead). But I’m not going to add each of the 50 or so beers I’ll likely drink on my GABS visit.

Instead I’m just going to enjoy the beers. Some of which I’ll never try again.

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    • Oh, definitely. This guide is just based on my experiences at GBW last year – what worked and what didn’t.
      I can remember sitting at GABS with other people and we all had our heads down logging paddles of beer into Untappd.
      This time around I aim to focus more on the beer than Untappd. After all, it’s why I’m there.

  1. Here here! While the tagline of Untappd is “Drink Socially”, it can get a little unsocial when all your mates have their head in their phone.

    I’ve really enjoyed this series of tips by the way. Cheers.

    • Thanks a lot 🙂
      I used to be one of those obsessed with Untappd check-ins. I’d religiously check in every beer I had. Sometimes doing it the morning after lest I miss out on a badge,
      But I recently decided to let beer take the front seat and put Untappd in the back. So now I check-in if I feel like it but if there’s something better to do – like talk to someone about beer – I’ll do that instead.
      BTW, here’s the post about that change.

  2. Aside from the (anti)social considerations of check-ins, I have a policy of never checking in samplers, as I think that they only allow you to taste a beer rather than drink it. I found a few at GABS last year that I really liked as a sample, but were a bit much of a good thing when trying to consume a glass.
    I think some of the higher alcohol gabs beers will be served in 1/2 glasses (which is an excellent move by the organizers), and I probably will check those in but anything less doesn’t cut it. I will, as I did last year, factor in all or a good portion of sessions 4 or 5 for drinking glasses rather than samples.

    • I know of others who have the same rule about samples. While I can see the point I’m still quite okay with checking in samples. If I paid for it I should be able to check it in.

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