Good Beer Week guide

Good Beer Week Guide – Tip #2

Tip #2 :Exercise
Exercise is something I don’t think we talk about enough in the beer world. Which is odd given that the thing we love has the potential to make us very fat indeed (yeah, that’s right. it makes us fat. Screw that industry garbage about the beer belly being a myth). If you’re a beer geek and you’re not incorporating exercise into your life, then you really need to rethink

My trip to Melbourne for Good Beer Week is a holiday, but it doesn’t mean I take a holiday from exercise. I won’t be getting up dawn and going for 5km runs or anything like that. I’ll be doing what I did last year – walking.

While I think the Melbourne tram system is great and I used them to get around the city and surrounds last year’s visit, I also used my feet. In fact I made sure I factored in walking distance from one pub to another. The obvious reason for that is to burn off some of the alcohol I’d been ingesting, but walking rather than tramming (or even splashing out for a Uber ride) has other benefits.

You get some fresh air into your lungs, and your lungs always like that. It also reduces your drinking time a bit – much easier to get in trouble by overindulging if you get from one venue to another quickly. A walk allows you to pace yourself.

It also allows you to see some of Melbourne, which is handy when you’re spending most of the Good Beer Week visit inside pubs and bars.

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