Good Beer Week guide

Good Beer Week Guide – Tip #1

I went to Good Beer Week and GABS for the first time last year. I really planned ahead and worked out what I thought would make the best use of my time. What would give me maximum beer for my buck.

Some of the tactics worked. Others weren’t so great. In the interest of being a nice guy, this week I’m presenting my Good Beer Week guide (I was going to call it the Good Beer Week week but that would have just been stupid). So let’s get started

Tip #1: Don’t get drunk
Yep, sounds counter-intuitive when you’re surrounded by so much great beer but stick with me on this. Sure, you can get a bit drunk, a little tipsy. What I’m suggesting you avoid is getting so drunk that you can’t talk coherently, so drunk that you start acting like a dick. So drunk that you need to make three attempts at walking through the door of the pub.

There are very good reasons for this. Firstly, no-one likes a drunken schmuck. Secondly, you can’t really enjoy the taste of beer when you’re smashed. Thirdly, you get too drunk you’ll end up with a hangover, which will cause problems for any other beery events you had planned for the next day.

This is not me. Make sure it is not you either.

This is not me. Make sure it is not you either.

On the upside, Melbourne tends to serve beers in pots (which we know as middies). They don’t seem to bother with schooners. I used to mock Melbourne for the pot preference, but a smaller serving size is a great thing when you want to try a number of different beers. It also means you’ve got to put in a bit of an effort to get really, really ‘‘shit, I can’t get out the door of the pub’’ drunk.

I wasn’t this drunk at any of the venues I went to last year. The closest I got was heading to Mrs Parmas after the first session of GABS and drinking several very big IPAs. Luckily my hotel was literally across the road so I could go to my room and have a nap.

And I didn’t wake up with a hangover, which was great. Because I had a lot more stuff planned for the next day.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I tried to go at least one water for every two beers, if nothing else it was a good reminder to take it easy. I certainly drank way more beer than I normally would but didn’t fall down anything or spend a day in bed feeling awful. There’s too much to do!

    • Yep, it’s a bit like paying it forward. Go a bit easy on one day so you can do something the next. I figured it’s better to enjoy all the days I’m in Melbourne rather than just one and spend the rest of the time hungover in my hotel.
      That said, my hotel does seem pretty nice 🙂

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