The Thursday Quote

‘‘Imagine you are a brewer. This is great for you. The fetishists will not expect, or maybe even demand, much in terms of consistency. If they didn’t like one of your new beers, they will have forgotten it by the time the next one comes out. If you are not sure they will like it, you can stick ‘experimental’ on the label and they will not complain too much. And on top of all that, you can charge them an arm and a leg, for the privilege of drinking your beer. It’s excellent!’’

The advantages of making weird, unusual limited-edition beers
The Unbearable Nonsense of Craft Beer – A Rant in Nine Acts
Max Bahnson and Alan McLeod


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    • I actually didn’t finish it. Idea was interesting but I reckon if you’re going to write something that is a rant it needs to be really funny. Otherwise you just come off as a bit of a shouty grump.

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