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I’d like to do one of those podcast things. But there are two things that stand in the way. Firstly, I can’t be arsed (which is, lets be frank, a big barrier to entry) and secondly I don’t think I speak in a straightforward, non-rambling getting to the point way.

But two other guys I know via the online beer world – Luke and Dave – have started one. Called Ale of a Time, it’s them talking about beer and stuff.

This is an image that came up on Google when I searched for "podcast". That is all.

This is an image that came up on Google when I searched for “podcast”. That is all.

I mention it here only partially because they give this very blog a mention while talking about beer blogs. And it’s not a  ‘‘jeez that guy is such a dick!’’ sort of mention either.

Dave, whom I met in Melbourne says I’m ‘‘a wonderful fella’’ and that the blog is ‘‘a really interesting read’’ and it’s one he reads regularly. Luke points out that he’s a regular reader too.

What’s the point of this blog post, aside from pointing out some nice things someone else has said about me? Well, that’s it really. As the guys say elsewhere, beer blogs don’t get a huge readership. Sometimes you can feel like you’re writing all these words, sticking them online and being greeted by a deafening wall of apathy. So it’s always good to hear that deafening wall is not so apathetic. Or something like that anyway. You know what I mean.


Anyway, you can listen to the guys’ podcast here.  My blog gets mentioned at the 20:40 mark – but you can listen to the rest of it too if you want. They talk about some other stuff too, but I stopped paying attention once I wasn’t the subject of the conversation (yeah, I am actually joking here).

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