The Big Blow-off


Okay, so this happened some time last night. I only put down this straightforward hefeweizen yesterday around lunchtime and, when I walked into the laundry I smelled a very beery aroma – which really shouldn’t have been there. So I opened up the door to the storage space under the stairs and saw that I’d had a very vigorous fermentation on my hands.

The krausen just went berko and shot out through the airlock. Fortunately there doesn’t appear to be a great deal of splatter on the walls or floor, which I put down to the fact that I have a habit of draping a pajama top around the fermenter to block out any light. That top just soaked up all the fermenting kabloeey, so that will need a wash once I bottle this beer.

This hefe – which doesn’t have a name as yet – was really simple. A big sachet of Mangrove Jack’s Bavarian Wheat and the yeast that came with the pack, plus a can of Coopers wheat malt. I started it at about 30 degrees to get as much banana aroma and flavour as possible – I like that in my hefes.

I also put down an experimental batch, which I’ve decided to call Half-Negus, in reference to George Negus, one of the original hosts of 60 Minutes. As is often the case with my beer names, the origin is hopelessly convoluted. The “half” part is because I’ve taken the standard Coopers Pale kit and kilo recipe but made it to half the recommended 19 litres, just to see what happens.

That was how the beer started. Then I realised I had some leftover US hops in the fridge – Citra, Centennial and Chinook. So I decided to use them, in a bit of a rip-off of the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. So I got a 60g mix of those three hops and then, because it’s a “half” beer, did a hop boil where I added 2grams of hops every minute for 30 minutes.

So the 60 Minute bit is where the Negus reference comes in. Now I really have no idea what this will taste like. I hope it will end up being really good (but who doesn’t think that about their homebrew?) but it could just as easily be craptastic and undrinkable. It’s an experiment – and that’s one of the fun things about homebrewing. Just trying stuff to see what comes out.

By the way, if you’ve got any ideas for the name of the hefe let me know.

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