Crap beer

Crap Beer Week – Day Six


When the subject is crap beer it’s really hard not to include more than just one of the mega-brands from the United States.

Hell, I could have probably gone close to filling out the entire Crap Beer Week with nothing but bland American lagers. But that would have been unfair and would have seemed like I was picking on the Americans. Besides, it’s not like we don’t have some dodgy lagers over here in Australia (though I would add the qualifier that our dodgy lagers at least have more flavour than theirs).

No way was I going to include Budweiser on this list because that would be far too easy and obvious. Instead I went for another iconic beer, albeit one that doesn’t sell as much as the Big Bud. This beer would be Miller Genuine Draft. Now right off the bat I take issue with the name. Firstly the use of the word ‘‘genuine’’ – was there some fake Miller Draft floating around that the company needed to tell consumers this was the real thing?

And then there’s the word ‘‘draft’’. My idea of draft means a beer that is poured from a tap, so how can they call a bottled beer ‘‘draft’’?

All this might have been forgiven if the beer tasted good. But it doesn’t – rather it makes me feel sad that so many people drink this and think it’s good beer. For starters, the aroma is not very pleasant at all – reminds me of dusty cardboard. As for the flavour, it’s a weak, slightly sweet beer.

And oh so worthy of being a part of this week.

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