Crap Beer Week

Crap Beer Week – Day Five


Really, I could have picked any low-carb beer for this post, but I opted for Burleigh Brewing’s Bighead because of two reasons

1) It is a no-carb beer, which makes it a little bit worse than low-carb beers.
2) It has one of the ugliest labels in all of beerdom. Seriously, just look at it. Ugly with a capital U, as Juliana Hatfield might say (kids, ask your parents. Or Google, whoever you trust more)

The carb-conscious beers all taste pretty much the same – bland. And like the others, Bighead has that wet cardboard aroma going. But the real reason this beer – and by extension, all carb-conscious beers – is here is because of the implied idea that they’re a good idea for people who want to lose weight.

The nutritional panel says this 330ml bottle has 370 kJ. How does that compare to a full-strength beer? Well, the beer biz doesn’t seem to want you to know that because not one single brewer that I’ve seen includes calorie information on the labels for their full-strength beer. Me, I assume that’s because they don’t want us comparing the figures and seeing low-carb beers are a sham.

And they are. Look, according to the CalorieKing, website, a bottle of Cooper’s Pale Ale has 544 kJ – and keep in mind that’s for a 375ml bottle, as opposed to Bighead’s 330ml. That’s a difference of 174 kJ, which equates to just over three water crackers.

Yep, you can sacrifice the flavour you get from a 375ml bottle of Coopers Green for the bland 330ml of Bighead and save yourself a whole three water crackers.

Hardly worth bothering, is it?

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  1. Glad to hear you love our HEF and enjoy our 28 Pale Ale! We appreciate you handing over your $$ to give ’em a go. And that’s pretty much why we brew the selection we do – coz everyone has a different favourite. For some, it’s Bighead. What we can guarantee though, is that no matter what beer we do, we’ll do it naturally and to the absolute most awesome standard we can. A segment of our customer base asked us for a low-carb beer. So we went one step better. Cheers!

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for responding. I have no doubt some people enjoy Bighead. When I say I don’t like a beer, it doesn’t mean the beer is bad, it just means I don’t like it. And I’m sure there are beers I like that others don’t.
      The 28 Pale is definitely among those beers I like. In fact, when I wrote that response to an earlier comment I thought “I haven’t had a 28 Pale in ages, I should buy some” . So I’ll probably be spending a bit more $$ on Burleigh products soon 🙂

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