Crap Beer Week

Crap Beer Week – Day Four


Regular readers would know of my great disappointment with Monteith’s. I once loved their beers but now they’re ordinary. And the new beers they’re launching are really hit and miss. I really wasn’t a fan of their IPA but I tasted it again and didn’t mind it so much. But that was because I told myself it wasn’t an IPA (not at a pissweak 35IBU) but a pale ale. Which is really what Monteith’s should have marketed it as.

That would also have meant the market would never have seen what they actually released as a pale ale. If their IPA is a watered-down version of what an IPA should be, then their pale ale follows the same path. There’s just not much flavour here – and that’s whether you consider it a US style pale ale, an English style or even a New Zealand style. The strongest flavour I could find was a strange sweetness that really shouldn’t have been there.

For mine, it’s another mislabeled Monteith’s. It’s not a pale ale but a pale lager.

I could write more but, hey, it’s Monteith’s. I just don’t feel like putting in the effort.

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