Crap Beer Week

Crap Beer Week – Day Three


You know what’s deeply unpleasant? Drinking a beer solely for the purpose of Crap Beer Week only to later discover that you can’t find your notes about the beer’s terribleness.

That’s what I was looking at with this beer, Cricketer’s Arms Lager. I flicked through my beer notebook but saw no review of Cricketer’s Arms. So it looked like this review was going to be ‘‘I can’t remember what this beer was like, but it’s crap. Believe me.’’

But then I found them, in the front of the notebook, written on a scrap of paper. Don’t really remember doing that. Anyway, here we go.

The label on Cricketer’s Arms states that it’s ‘‘brewed longer to deliver an extra dry lager’’, but surely they mean ‘‘an extra-bland lager’’ because there’s a whole lot of nothing going on with this beer.

That’s really odd because the label also insists the beer is ‘‘infused’’ (whatever that means) with Amarillo hops. Having brewed with Amarillo, I know they offer a distinctive flavour that is hard to miss, and I simply don’t find that here. Unless they’re using a weird strain of Amarillo that gives off wet tea towel aromas, because that’s definitely here.

The look of the beer is a bit on the soapy side and the flavour, well, there doesn’t seem to be much of it. As lagers go, it’s very much on the bland side. I wouldn’t bother if I were you.

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