Crap Beer Week

Crap Beer Week – Day Two


Miller Chill is wrong on so many levels. Firstly, there’s the same – “Chill” is just a stupid name for a beer.

Then there’s the problem that it’s a low-carb beer. As anyone with a bit of beer knowledge knows, low-carb beers are drunk by people who don’t care much about flavour and/or have been hoodwinked by the myth that they’re a “low-fat” option. I feel extremely secure in saying that all low-carb beers are exceedingly bland and if people didn’t think they were low-fat, then they probably wouldn’t drink them at all.

I’m assuming the blandness of low-carb beer led Miller to create what is the third – and perhaps, biggest – problem with this beer. They’ve thrown in a “twist of lime” (by which I assume they actually mean lime flavouring. I doubt actual lime has gone anywhere near this beer). The result is deeply uncompelling.

On the nose there is no hint of lime aroma, further supporting the claim that flavouring has been used. When I drink it, the first thing that hits me is that dull flavour you get in all low-carb beers. Then the lime kicks in – and it’s very much a soft-drink like lime flavour.

So Miller Chill with lime is like drinking a bad beer mixed with a soft drink. And I don’t want to drink that.

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  1. When this was first released, it was a running joke amongst my friends and I. “You gotta chill,” we’d say as we tried to force-feed this beer.

    … and that’s exactly the reputation this beer should have.

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