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Drinking Dan’s Dry


This is a beer that you’d think I’d have gotten around to drinking before now. Dan Murphy’s has been stocking it for ages and I’m a regular visitor to various Uncle Dan’s establishments. I’m also a fan of tasty beer over the mainstream stuff and La Chouffe is a beer from Belgium – I’m under the impression that there is no crap beer that comes from that country.

So all the signs point to me having drunk this already. And yet here I find myself trying this for the first time as part of the Drinking Dan’s Dry quest. I know quite well why I hadn’t tried it before – and it’s a really stupid reason. I was oddly unnerved by the gnome-like figure on the label.

I can’t explain why. I don’t have a fear of gnomes – garden or otherwise – and the little person on the label looks quite friendly. He’s got a happy smile and everything. Yet I’d see it on the shelf when I visited Dan’s, look at it and think ‘‘nah, creepy gnome’’.

Like I said, it’s a stupid reason.

Now that I’ve tried it, I feel justified in thinking I hadn’t been missing anything for all those years. For, while it isn’t a bad beer, it’s not a particularly impressive one either. The colour in the glass is a bit darker than I’d expected from a beer calling itself a blond.

The flavour? Well, there’s some odd, slight hints of spice but not too much else. Except for bubbles – it was quite a bit more spritzy than I would have expected. Or indeed liked.

In closing, clearly my aversion to beers with gnomes on the label is so far justified.

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  1. Give it another chance. Maybe Dan just stored it badly. It is a lovely beer, one that I’m a big fan of and it’s 97 for style on ratebeer; while their IPA Tripel is 100 (not that ratebeer is the absolute but it’s a good guide)

    Also the “Mc Chouffe” has the gnome wearing a little kilt. Come on!

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