Canned Beer Week

Canned Beer Week – Day Two


This one was very much a mystery beer. With every word on the can is written in Polish I had absolutely no idea what sort of beer it was. I assumed the brewery name was Zamkowe (which was correct) and that the name of the beer was ‘‘Piwo Mocne’’.

On that score I was correct – it translates into ‘‘strong beer’’. But I only found that out some time after drinking the beer, so correctly identifying ‘‘Piwo Mocne’’ as the style is not very helpful when you don’t know what that means.

Not knowing Polish I had to guess what I’d be drinking and, given the dark colour of the can I expected this to be a dark beer. So I was pretty surprised when I opened the can and a beer that resembled a pale Euro lager started filling up my glass.
I was also surprised by the taste. Untappd calls this a Euro lager but I was definitely getting hints of Belgian spices and some apricot flavours.

The can says ‘‘strong beer’’, Untappd says, ‘‘Euro lager’’, my taste buds say a few different things. Man, I still don’t know what this beer is.

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