Dubbel not worth the trouble


When it comes to Sierra Nevada beers, this is easily the most unusual- looking. Firstly, it comes under cork and features labelling to make it look way older than it really is. Then there’s the bottle, which looks and feels like it must be a 500ml bottle but is actually a standard 12oz. Next up is the fact that it’s an Abbey beer, which means it’s brewed with the assistance of a bunch of monks. But not in a monastery, otherwise we’d be calling it a Trappist beer (unless you’re a beer geek, you don’t really need to worry about the difference).

In this instance, it’s made in some degree of collaboration with the Abbey of New Clairvaux. Given that the label says it’s brewed and bottled by Sierra Nevada, I’d take the punt that the monks’ participation in this beer was minimal. Though some of the cash raised by these beers, goes to the abbey grounds and the Ovila chapter house – hence the name of the beer.

As Sierra Nevada beers go, it’s also the most disappointing. The label says the beer is “complex and malty” but that’s a description I’m a long way from agreeing with. Aside from some lovely plum aroma, there wasn’t much that I liked about this beer. For me, it was pretty weak and watery.

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  1. Interesting: I’ve read about this beer twice this week, with opposing opinions.
    That’s one of the things I love about the craftbeer scene – it’s all about conversation. I best get myself a bottle, and join in!

    • I’d only heard less than ideal things, but wanted to try it because I’d had almost every other Sierra Nevada beer that comes out here.
      I say, get yourself a bottle – you might like it. Ultimately, you should forget what everyone else says and listen to your taste buds.

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