Wollongong beer alert!


Not to blow my own horn or anything, but I’m largely responsible for Bridgeport beers being available in Wollongong. Okay, so I am blowing my own horn a bit.

See, a few weeks ago I wrote a blog entry about Bridgeport’s Hop Czar, in which I wished somewhere close to home sold it. A Twitter friend William Wilson suggested I send a tweet to Bridgeport asking if someone in Wollongong stocked it. About two weeks later I got a reply that Thirroul Cellars had ordered some. I went to Thirroul and the guy behind the counter said it’d be in early next week.

It actually rocked up on the Friday so this afternoon I went up to buy a six-pack (and turn in horror as my daughter bumped into a display of wine bottles. Somehow not one fell to the floor and broke). As well as Hop Czar, they’re also stocking the IPA and the Kingpin Imperial red ale. All of which are well worth purchasing.

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    • Very much a case of “ask and ye shall receive”. It’s taught me that, rather than bitching and whingeing about not being able to get a certain beer in Wollongong, I should just tweet the brewery.
      Never know your luck.

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