Wollongong Beer Alert!

Wollongong Beer Alert!


So this afternoon I get a tweet from the guys who look after Bridgeport in Australia. It was a reply to a tweet I sent about a week ago asking if there were any bottle shops in Wollongong that stocked the wonderful Hop Czar.

The tweet said that Thirroul Cellars would be stocking them soon (I got the impression my tweet may have led to the beers being stocked). Hoping that “soon” meant “they’re in the fridge right now” I raced up to Thirroul and found no Bridgeport.

But I did find some stuff no-one else in town has. Such as not one but three different styles of Rogue (including the Juniper Ale) and some North Coast (including Brother Thelonius and Pranqster). And, if you want Australian-made there are about four different Red Duck beer.

As you can see from the above photo, I may have spend a bit of money there this afternoon.

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