NAB and craft beer

There was a bit of a talk on Twitter last night about a new NAB ad that features three sisters who decided to open a brewery. I’d not heard talk about it before so it may well have premiered last night.

If you didn’t catch it on TV (I didn’t either) here it is.

Much of the talk at first circled around whether or not the three sisters’ brewery was real. It seems the answer is no – which is indicated by the labels that don’t ever feature a brewery name. Apparently one of the women is a genuine brewer and the brewery used for the ad is the awesome Holgate Brewery.

Before we go any further, let me state I have absolutely no problem with the people who appear in the ad, or with Holgate. None at all. If they scored some money from “the man” and funneled it into making great beer, then I’m totally happy about that.

Some might not be. Given the occasionally prickly nature of some in the good beer world (we are a broad church), there may be those who don’t like it that a brewery or brewers have decided to take part. To me, this might also explain why NAB used a pretend brewery rather than the real thing – maybe real breweries were approached but said no because they feared a backlash from the craft beer community.

Others may not like it that a mega-corporation – and, even worse, a bank – like NAB is using the craft beer industry to gain business. Not me – I look at it as a huge vote of recognition. I don’t see that a mega-corporation is going to bother fashioning an ad around an industry no-one has heard of. Nor do I think they’d do it to try and attract the craft beer dollar.

Nope, I think their decision to use a craft brewery (albeit a fake one) is evidence of the traction that craft beer has in the wider community. Yeah, we all know good beer is awesome but it’s quite easy to forget that we’re only a small segment. That there are huge swathes of people who don’t get excited about barrel-aged beers or stouts with coriander and chilli (or whatever they do with stout these days).

Those swathes represent the potential customers for NAB and the bank obviously thinks that the craft beer industry is strong enough that these people will be aware of it and accept it in an ad.

There’s only one thing that bothers me about the ad – NAB didn’t actually loan this fictional brewery run by three women a cent to fulfill their fictional dreams. Which makes me wonder whether or not that is misleading.

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  1. I’m glad I read your whole post. I saw this come across my reader and only watched the video. Loved it and was going to reblog it along with some other info and posts about women brewers. Not now.

    I agree with what you’re saying about the craft beer industry gaining traction but I tend to weigh my dislike for the ad in line with your last paragraph. A bank advertising loaning money where they include a fictional brewery and fictional brewers. That doesn’t feel right to me.

    As always, YMMV. 😀

  2. can’t find 3 women intelligent enough to be running a brewery? easier to find 3000000 in schools, or marketing, or HR, or banking, or local/state government. All easy stuff with no proof that you might actually be good enough to succeed in the real world. Brewing as your own business- too hard, too much chemistry, too much competition. The ad is honest “they said 3 women couldn’t do it” but come on the NAB, has to be better than this..wineries next? Don’t give me the “opportunity isn’t there” crap either.

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