Unique Week – Day Two


By way of starting this entry on the Kyara beer from the Coedo Brewery in Japan, allow me to quite from the back label.

“We recommend to take time to enjoy it slowly in order to distinguish all the concentration of rich, smooth flavours in the body concealed behind the modest foams.”

No, I’m not really sure I understand that either. In fact I wrote that wording down in the notebook I use for tastings and, typing it in now, I was so sure I’d written it down incorrectly that I had to fish the bottle out of the recycling bin to double check. Yeah, I had it right. So it must be another example of Japanglish, where a Japanese person tries to write copy in English and doesn’t get it quite right.

In this case, they didn’t get it right in more ways than one. As well as the Japanese to English translation, there’s also the fact that the blurb greatly exaggerates about the beer. I found no “rich, smooth flavours” in what was seemed to me to be a pretty standard crafty lager. There was a bit of cardboard aroma and a heavy malty sweetness with not much else going on.

Would I drink it again?: There’s nothing badly made about the beer but nor is it worth the inflated import price you’d have to pay to buy a bottle.

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