A surprising imported beer


Yeah, that’s right, imported. No, this is not a very belated April Fool’s day joke.

Yes, Hammer ‘n’ Tongs, the cheap Liquorland beer brand is imported. Says so right there on the label “product of Vietnam”, and I assume that’s true – why would they lie about that? But after that it gets a bit confusing – there are no fewer than three different organisations on the label.

On the front it refers to “Freeman and Sons Brewing Corp”, who quite frankly don’t sound like Vietnamese brewers. On the side it’s imported by Australian Beer Connoisseurs (aka Coles) and then that it’s brewed by “SABMiller VN” which I trust stands for Vietnam.

And that is the most interesting thing about these beers. I started with the Gold because it was lower in alcohol (it’s 3.3 per cent). The upside is that it comes in a 375ml bottle rather than the more common 330ml, so you get more beer. The downside is that it’s so watery and smells of wet, malty cardboard that you’re not interested in the extra beer.

As for the full-strength version, I can remember the local Liquorland giving me a free bottle when it first came out. This was before I was a beer geek and yet I still thought it tasted like crap. This time around I have a slightly different opinion. It’s still not a great beer but it doesn’t inspire the previous revulsion (which is odd, I’d have thought with the maturing of my palate I’d think it worse still). It’s actually a nice pale amber colour with a slight sweet malty aroma. Taste-wise it’s the same – it’s definitely better than the terrible Gold.

It’s not doing anything interesting but it’s decent enough for what it is – a cheap “Home Brand” beer.

Would I drink them again?: Nope.

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  1. I’m drinking one right now. Bought 2 cartons.. Nooook!! Just cause it was so cheap. It is the WORST ‘beer’ I’ve had yet. It has a WINE aftertaste.. Wtf!? A freakin WINE beer. Absolutely Terrible (note the capital T)

    • Cannot agree. I’ve spent many years in Vietnam & surrounding areas and this is bloody good for the price. I’m not one to go for imported brews normally, preferring to support local brews. If this is the worst beer you’ve tasted mate, get some time up travelling and tasting.

  2. This is the worst beer – I’ve been to Vietnam and the beer tastes better. Price got me to buy once (“how bad could it be”)… I wouldn’t give it to a homeless person..

  3. I picked up a carton of the red cans mainly because of the price. I wasn’t expecting much. I thought it was pretty good. It a very easy beer to drink and the cans seem to disappear very quickly. If you are after a great tasting beer this not for you. If you want a drinkable beer at a bargain price this is it. The green cans at $37 and 4.9 alc/vol is better tasting option but still at a home brand price.

  4. I drink the Gold, 30 can packs, I like it nice taste, but they dont make beer like they use to when I was young a carton 24 lasted longer, but then again I’m starting to slow down only 6 cartons a week, love it, and as they say in Viet Nam, com say com vey = not drunk not go home, cheers

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