GABS brewer – Red Duck

Scott Wilson-Browne from Red Duck in Victoria has a hand in not one, but two, GABS beers.

What beer are you making for GABS?
Red Duck has sort of ended up with 2 taps:
Beer 1: Red Duck featuring Dereck Hales: A collab with Dereck Hales, the 2012 VicBrew Champion, which will be his recipe and its an American Pale Ale, single hopped, strongly and constantly in every possible way with Centennial.
Beer 2: red duck Orange Mosaic, a single-hopped Belgian wit.Red_Duck_logo

Does it have a name yet?
Beer 1: Dereck and I have different ideas, so we will nut that one out in time. Possibly the Big C, but I prefer Tricky.. I might let Dereck decide, but maybe not!!
Beer 2: Orange Mosaic.

Where did the inspiration come from?
Beer 1: Dereck has a long history of brewing award winning APAs, so based on his awesome brews, it had to be one. We are both lovers of Centennial.. Hmm, maybe we should call it Centennial Men…
Beer 2: started with a new hop, Mosaic, sniffed it, and thought that a bit of orange would go nicely, thus it had to be a wit and a Belgian ale yeast, but will be a moderately highly hopped ale, for a Belgo. I have wanted to make an orange ale for a long time, and its taken a while to work out how to get a good base flavour without astringency. This one will have orange added three ways.

How much effort goes into designing a beer for GABS?
Same amount as most of my beers – I pretty much make it up in a few seconds, and scribble a recipe down a scrap of paper somewhere in case I forget! With Dereck’s beer, even easier as I have tried his beer and seen his recipes – so he has done all the ground work. We just need to make a few tiny adjustments to run this on my gear, and hopefully it turns out as good as his other brews!

Does GABS give you the chance to go a bit crazy and try something you might not normally brew?
I think that there will be enough other crazy beers, so with GABS I go the other way and aim for a session beer, just one with a twist and a bit of interest. Last year I did Bumble Bee, a honey amber. Worked beautifully and was a real complement to the range of beers there. After tasting 37 myself, I was totally in a mood for a pot of Bumble Bee, only problem was I had to buy three as other people kept stealing mine!

Does the spectapular bring out a competitive streak?
I am all about making beers I enjoy, I dont care what others are brewing, so GABS isnt a competition for me, its just a great big event with an amazing collection of beers, and I just have to make sure mine is good enough!

Explanation for the unaware: GABS is Great Australasian Beer Spectapular, a beer festival in Melbourne, Australia, from May 22-26 this year where brewers make a beer they’ve never made before and bring it along so the punters can try it. Cool, huh?

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