What's in the fridge?

What’s in the fridge – Day four


Who the hell knows how long this beer has been in the fridge? Not me. The best I can guess is that it’s about a year old because I think I got a selection of Cascade beers to review last summer. But I could be wrong. And before you ask what the best-before date is, let me tell you that a close look of the bottle revealed no date anywhere.

While I don’t know exactly how old this beer is I do know that it’s not a blonde beer. I don’t care what they decided to call it. This is a wheat beer (as it says in much smaller type). I can only guess that Cascade opted to call this a blonde beer because, a few years ago, there was a minor craze for “blonde beer”. Most of the time those beers made you think that there was a typo on the label – surely it was supposed to say “bland” not “blonde”.

But the Cascade Blonde isn’t bland. It isn’t mouth-wateringly awesome but it isn’t hard to drink either. You know when you go to a poorly stocked bottle shop and you have to try and find something palatable amongst the dreck?

Well, that’s when you’d opt for a Cascade Blonde.

Would I drink it again?: Yeah, especially when I find myself in a poorly stocked bottle shop.

Later admission of stupidity: I know I said I couldn’t find a best before date on this bottle. But looking at the photo in the blog entry today I notice, there it is, smack in the middle of the label. I know how I missed it – I’m used to best-before dates being printed on the glass bottle in text whose colour must be called “exceptionally hard to find”. I wasn’t looking at the label at all.

Still, looking at this pic now and seeing it there, makes me feel all kinds of stupid.

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