Beer festival

A hundred new beers at GABS

Today I found out that the organisers at GABS are expecting this year’s event to feature more than 100 new beers.
That is cause for some excitement. Though, as Beer is Your Friend readers  will know, I’m pretty excited about GABS in general this year, because I get to go.
Hearing they’ll have more than 100 new beers there is very, very good news for me. It means I have no chance of tasting them all – and I am glad of that.
Wait, listen to my logic. See, I know they had 60 beers last year, so I did the maths. I’m down there for two whole days, so I could go all day on the first day and drink most of them, returning on Saturday to mop up the ones I missed.

There will be more than a hundred of these little cups of beer available at GABS this year. A hundred!

There will be more than a hundred of these little cups of beer available at GABS this year. A hundred!

Sure, the idea of planning to drink well over 40 samples in a day isn’t pure genius. More pure stupidity. Which is why I’m glad there’s a hundred or more. It means I can give up on any ridiculous idea of ploughing my way through all of them – and also give up on the quite likely hangover I would suffer for the next few days (yeah, kids, it’s what happens when you get older. Takes forever for a hangover to go away).
Now I don’t have to worry about missing out on a beer because it’s inevitable that I’ll miss out on quite a few. It also means that I won’t end up spending an entire two days at GABS which, while it might be fun to me, wouldn’t be taken in the same light by those who asked me what I did in Melbourne (‘‘you sat inside a beer hall? All day? For two days? Jeez, did you go anywhere else? Besides your hotel room I mean’’.)
So I can go and see some other places in Melbourne. Like breweries and bars.
Speaking of bars, there’s an impressive list of international brewers taking part at GABS this year.
So far the international guest list includes a few breweries you might have heard of – Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Brewing and Moylans from the US, Thornbridge and Camden Town from the UK, Birra del Borgo from Italy, Denmark’s Mikkeller, Baird Brewery from Japan and Norway’s Nogne O (I know there’s supposed to be some slashy line through the two Os but I don’t have the computer smarts to work out how do to that).
That’s on top of the
breweries from Australia and New Zealand. And, as I like to support my South Coast colleagues, that includes the Illawarra Brewing Company and HopDog BeerWorks.
So now all I have to do is wait for May to come.

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