Time for a coffee


I’m glad the the last few days of hot weather have stopped. Partially because I simply don’t function well at high temperatures.
But also because I couldn’t drink this beer when it’s 30 degrees outside.
It’s a beer with a confusing label. The front label reads “Double Espresso Premio Caffe Birra” – so it’s an Italian beer, right?
Well, no. Squinting at the fine print on the back label tells you it’s made by a brewery called Traditional Scottish Ales. Yep, it’s made in Scotland. As for what is traditionally Scottish about a double espresso, well I have no damn idea.
But it doesn’t matter because this is a great, great stout. I’m not the biggest fan of the heavy roast coffee flavour of some stouts. And, despite, the double espresso in the name, this beer isn’t heavy on coffee.
Instead, the flavour resembles a slightly sweet, milky coffee. My guess is that they’ve added some lactose in to get that sweetness, but there’s no mention of it on the ingredients list. They could be fibbing or I could be overstating my knowledge of the brewing process. To be honest, I’d go with the latter.
But I’d also give this beer a go if you spot it in your local bottlo’s beer fridge. Especially if you’re not a big fan of coffee-heavy stouts.
Would I drink it again?: Yep, that’s why I bought two bottles of the stuff. And I’ll buy more next time I spot some.

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