Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics – Day 15

Country: Sri Lanka
Beer: Sinha Stout
Geography has never, ever been my strong suit. Whenever I see those newspaper stories that snigger about Americans’ inability to find some Middle East countries on a map, I don’t snigger along.
Because I’m all too keenly aware that I would probably struggle to find it as well. When I play Trivial Pursuit that damn blue piece of the pie is the one I always struggle with.
I mention this in case I make some horribly incorrect assumption in the following blog entry about a beer from Sri Lanka. See, I’d always assumed that Sri Lanka is a rather warm climate, the sort of climate best suited to lighter beers like your lagers and ales.
So I can’t really work out why some Sri Lankan brewer figured it was a great idea to brew a stout. Having decided to do that, I then can’t understand why they would decide to brew a stout that’s big and thick, full of coffee and chocolate flavour and aroma and comes with a hefty 8.8 per cent alcohol kick.
I’m not complaining, mind you. This is a great stout, and would hold its own with those from more stout-friendly countries (like those where it actually gets cold). It was a cold and windy night when I drank this and it went down wonderfully well but I couldn’t imagine trying to drink one on a warm day where the temperatures hovering in the 20s.
Maybe they have hardier beer drinkers in Sri Lanka. Or maybe they just brew this for export. Who knows. Guess I should just be grateful that they make it at all.
Would I drink it again?: Yes, even though I will most likely never work out how such a great winter beer comes from a place like Sri Lanka.

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  1. There are two other beers that comes in 8.8% ABV in Sri Lanka. Carlsberg Special Brew and Strong Beer. Also there’s Lion Stout which comes with 4.8% ABV. Beer is not popular in SL compared to some other parts of the world. Arrack is the local most popular liquor. People usually drink 8.8% ABV beer after finishing a good bottle of Arrack for that extra kick.

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