Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics – Day 14

Country: Scotland
Beer: Brew Dog Punk IPA

When it comes to weirdness in the brewing world, Scotland’s Brew Dog is one of the weirdest. Whether it’s making the world’s highest alcohol beer and then making an even stronger one when some rival brewery takes your title or releasing beers bottled in stuffed road kill (nope, not making that up at all), these Scottish guys do some bizarre things.
And that’s a bit of a pity because all this “look at us! Aren’t we frigging crazy!” stuff tends to overshadow the fact that these guys can make some very well-constructed beers. Take this one, the Punk IPA. Sure it comes across all “too cool for school” with the label style but inside that bottle is a stunningly well-balanced beer. It’s lovely and wonderfully fruity but never too sweet, too bitter or too anything negative.
And that’s what all their beers are like – well, all the ones that don’t opt for stupidly high alcohol content or are served inside a dead badger. They’re all very impressive beers. And these days I can’t believe there was once a time where I disliked this beer.
What was I thinking? This is an awesome, awesome beer.
Would I drink it again?: Goddamn right I would.

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